Niche in your shower.

Niche in your shower.

Raise your hand if your shower routine involves navigating around shampoo bottles perched precariously on the tub ledge, body wash and conditioner piled in a corner, or the sad caddy hanging from the shower head. It’s as annoying as it gets, and it’s ugly, too. The thing is, when you’re renovating your bathroom, it’s easy to let this predicament slip your mind as you peruse pretty new tiles and fixtures. But we’re here to tell you: Don’t get distracted. Ask your contractor to incorporate a shower niche for storage—it will be the best decision you ever made.

Another advantage of opting for a niche is in the design. A shower niche can catch your eye and add flair to the shower while accentuating the bathroom’s overall look. It’s also a chance to repeat a unique tile or pattern used in the overall design. Want to make your niche a focal point? Try adding contrasting tiles.

Just make sure to carefully plan the placement.The tile pattern should line up and the location should be thought through. We prefer to keep the niche tucked away if possible—not in one’s direct line of site when you’re looking at the shower—just in case your shower products aren’t super beautiful. With all your stuff under control, even Mondays are bound to start off on a good note.


Bathroom tile tip

When choosing tiles, be aware of how the tile will fill the niche space. Ideally, the tile will fit symmetrically around the niche for a clean look.

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